Please Read Carefully

With this update 24 Hours of Country will no longer defend itself against the false reports in the news agencies and will no longer grant any statements, interviews or any other type of contact by any news media. Here are the true facts we will release that the news agencies will not.

On February 23rd a Seven band all day concert was held by 24 Hours of Country, less than 100 people showed up for that concert, this concert took a $40,000 dollar loss. All office staff were released after this event.

The May Festival was never advertised as an October 1 Benefit Concert as false reports were made that it was. 24 Hours of Country was going to make a donation to several worthy October 1 Charities! 24 Hours of Country was always promoted as a for profit event!

14+ bands were booked and advertised for the May Festival. Unlike news reports that the fans did not know who was performing.

All park permits and business licenses were in place!

Only 180 total wristband's were sold for the May Festival. Of these 180 Wristbands 90% of them were sold for UNDER $70.00 unlike the false news reports of starting prices of $125 or in one of their broadcasts 3 figures!

Two months ago all wristband sales were removed from Eventbrite although the event was left on the site for the advertising and One week ago a decision was made to cancel and reschedule the festival and at that point all wristband sales were removed from the 24 Hours of Country Website, unlike a false news report that said wristbands were still being sold!

Sarah Summers Resigned and there is now only one person to handle everything. The May Festival is  now cancelled and will not be rescheduled.


24 Hours of Country will start processing refunds the week of April 29, 2019 all refunds will be sent in certified funds to the name and address of the person that made the purchase.

Thank you to the 180 of you that at least gave the festival a shot!